Are you looking for an enthusiastic marketing partner that will be celebrating right alongside you when those ads hit 10x ROAS? Someone you can text when your ads get denied in the middle of a big sale? Or, maybe you need someone to reign in all the moving pieces you’ve got going on and help you finally feel PROactive instead of REactive with your marketing?

founder + lead strategist of ash dash sue

girl... it looks like you found her!

i'm ashley!

here at ash dash sue, we are a small but mighty team of women who love what we do.

We work with a small number of passionate, women owned businesses that are changing the world. From scrunchies and plus sized clothing to mineral undies and luxury wedding albums… we love the waves our clients are making and feel so honored to get to help amplify their voices!

i believe in

ethical marketing

I am not a ‘bro-marketer’... you won’t see ads of me standing in front of a sports car with some arm candy hanging out on the hood. While I understand the concepts and psychology behind those marketing tactics, I also know that there is a better way. We don’t have to lie, cheat and steal to get people to buy your products. And if we do, then we’re not very good at our job!

I pride myself on being able to strategize and implement smart, ethical marketing strategies that convey what it is you do and why it’s important… without being scammy, spammy, or generally gross.

I know you want more people to know about your business and that you want those people to BUY.

it's not just about the money though, it's the things that money provides.

With greater success comes the ability to do more, give more, have greater influence, greater freedom, and generally just be more in control of your life.

If lead generation can be broken down into a system... a number, an equation... then it's not so 'chaotic,' so 'left to chance.' It's all just a numbers game, but you've got to know what your numbers are.

"our email list is growing and generating revenue like we could have never imagined."

bumby grimm, photographer


We are so happy we found Ashley! Being a small business and wearing many hats, email marketing is something I kept putting on the back burner. I finally took the plunge and boy, did it pay off! It's nice to not worry about that task anymore.

"here's what i know... i can't 'do' without ash dash sue."

jennefer, kindred presets


Ashley. Dang. I didn't realize how lucky I would be when I found this girl and her team. I certainly didn't realize how much her "can do" attitude, knowledge of the industry and work ethic would shape the trajectory of my business. 


digital marketing is a constantly changing industry that we live and breathe

so you can count on us to keep you up to date with the newest trends + help you translate that to your own brand.